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chronoscroll equivalent elite good bad

Chronoscrolls were a nice choice back when TERA was still on a subscription-required model. These allowed players that didn't have the extra funds to continue playing the game, while at the same time allowing those with extra funds to trade it in for in-game gold. With the release of TERA: Rising, however, these were removed, and based on what Knoxxer stated back in January, it's due to the technical side of converting the Chronoscroll system into boosting Elite subscription times. He also stated that they want to make these come back and are working on it, although it will not be Chronoscrolls (but possibly a similar item with a different name, we're guessing). The problem with this, however, is that with other changes to the subscription model of TERA, the Chronoscrolls will have a much bigger impact on the game.



TERA: Rising has brought about a massive amount of inflation. It was bad in the beginning, but it has been getting worse. And what's causing it? The increased gold rewards for those that are on the Elite status, as well as removing essentials from the NPC shops (like MW Alkahests) and adding things to the cash shops (like the newExtensive Alkahests). What needs to be done to help resolve the problem that's been created here? Add those items back to the NPC shops. At least the MW ones, which leaves the Extensive Alkahests available in the cash shop for those who want them still. Options are always a good thing.

As the system stands now, players are only trading gold among each other. To help explain the before and after-effects of the system, please view the following scenarios.


A player wants to enchant their item, so they need 10 MW Alkahests. Let's put a value of these at 10g each. He heads to the NPC shop and purchases them, so now 100g has been removed from the economy. He returns again for another enchant, removing yet another 100g from the economy for a total of 200g.


The same player wants to enchant his item. He heads to the brokerage this time, spending 200g on the Alkahests between the two attempts. Has the gold been removed from the economy? No. It has simply been given to another player, who is increasing their wealth.

The problem with this system is that as one player is transferring their gold to another, there is also more gold being farmed and put into the economy. As the overall amount of gold (totaling what everyone owns) increases, the prices of everything goes up to help match the relative "value" in gold.


How Chronoscrolls Will Impact This

The new Chronoscrolls are likely to impact this and make the problem worse by getting more players on the Elite system, therefore increasing the gold earned per player (total pool) even quicker, further speeding up the process of inflation.

There is also the fear from some that it will impact other items being bought from the store, but this may or may not happen. There are a lot of people that sell their EMP's and allow you to choose your own items, so from that end I don't think the added choice of a Chronoscroll will kill, for example, mounts and clothing being sold, nor items like Alkahests. Different players will want different things.

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