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SWTOR news: Guide: Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint

With the implementation of Group Finder and the recent release of Free-to-Play, we've decided to make some Flashpoint guides. Either that, or maybe I’m just sick of having to furiously type “KILL THE DROID” during boss fights.

With the implementation of Group Finder and the recent release of Free-to-Play, we've decided to make some Flashpoint guides. Either that, or maybe I’m just sick of having to furiously type “KILL THE DROID” during boss fights. Over the next couple weeks, we will be adding new Flashpoint guides until we have them all. Hit the jump for our thoughts on how to approach the various bosses seen in this Flashpoint.

Maelstrom Prison (Republic Only)
Normal Mode Level: 33-37
Hard Mode: Available

Maelstrom Prison is a remarkably easy dungeon, with no fight requiring particularly good gear. Don’t be afraid to jump right into this instance once you hit 50, even if you’re a Tank. You can breeze through it even in Recruit PVP gear. Most of the fights really just require Line of Sight strategies and avoiding damage rather than absorbing it.

X-37 Oppressor Droid
The key to this fight is clearing the mobs around the boss before you start, because if you don’t that really is the only possible way to wipe. There are two gold droids who will likely patrol into the fight zone, and two mobs who are sitting in front of the bonus objectives (one of which you probably have to kill to get to the boss anyways) who you might get thrown into during the course of the fight. Clear the room so that you don’t have to worry about them during the actual boss fight.

Tanking this fight is rather trying. As soon as you get close to the X-37, he will immediately use a move to knock you back. The trick is to not run in immediately, as X-37 will use a move called Punishment, which involves dragging a member of the group on top of himself then exploding. Although this move hardly does damage, it is still wise to wait for the attack to end then jump back in once it’s finished to grab threat.

As mentioned above, the boss will use Punishment, at which point you might be dragged onto the boss. Simply run away from the boss before he explodes, then heal those who didn't manage to get away.

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Same idea as the Healer: burn the boss, run out when you get dragged in for a Punishment.

Hard mode
The one difference in Hard Mode is that everyone, except for the Tank, will get dragged in for a Punishment, and it deals noticeably better damage. Still, it’s easy to just run out.

Colonel Daksh
The room Daksh is in has three separate mobs: a single gold droid, and then two groups. Dispose of all of them first before you start so that you’ll have more room to move around.

The fight is pretty easy if you know the boss’s gimmick beforehand. He also has two very weak droids flanking him to start the fight. Kill them first.

Daksh has a basic attack called Wrist Laser Burst which can’t be interrupted. At one point, he will start charging his eye laser (there will be a prompt). It takes him a few seconds to actually charge it, so during this time you can take a few more whacks at him. Once it starts getting close to completing, however, start getting out of LoS. There are boxes in the room. Keep them between yourself and Daksh, otherwise, he will quickly blast you with his eye laser, dealing pretty decent damage. Eventually, it will run out of power. At this point, resume your tanking. You may have to do this process multiple times.

Be ready to quickly heal your teammates, as damage from the Eye Laser might happen faster than you think, depending on how lazy everyone decides to be about LoS. You also have to stay out of LoS, as Daksh tends to attack players randomly during his eye laser time.

Blow all your DPS cooldowns before he charges his laser, as it will be the only good time to do DPS without worrying about LoS or taking damage. I know a lot of DPS don’t bother with LoS at this time, but be warned, Daksh will eventually hit you with lasers and the healer might not bother healing you.

Hard Mode
The eye laser will pretty much halve your life if it hits you and you’re not wearing great armor. Otherwise, this fight is pretty much the same.

Lord Kancras
Kancras is hardly a real fight. He begins the fight alone in a room and summons an add every once in a while. Simply have your DPS kill the adds as they come and just burn the boss down.

A range of playable species are available for the player to choose from, some limited to their factions. Both sides can play Human, Cyborg, Twi'lek or Zabrak. The Republic-only races are the Miraluka and Mirialan, while the Empire-only races are the Chiss, Rattataki and Sith Pureblood. Humans and Zabrak can pick any class available, while the other species are restricted to limited choices of classes by default.

More playable species are said to be available in the future through major updates and the Legacy system and able to use other classes abilities through this system. Cathar have been announced as the next new playable species to be added this year.

BONUS BOSS: Ancient Maelstrom Flayer

In order to qualify for this boss fight, your group will have to complete the Flashpoint bonus of blowing up all the panels that are littered around the prison.

The Ancient Maelstrom Flayer is a basic tank and spank, combined with a knockback. Just make sure the Tank faces the boss away from the ledge and that the group stays away from the ledge, and this fight shouldn't be a problem.

Lord Vanithrast
Vanithrast is also barely a boss fight. He begins the fight with a gold Flayer add. Have your DPS burn it down first as the Tank grabs Vanithrast.

Vanithrast does two things: Spinning Strikes and a random Stealth Attack. For Spinning Strikes, simply get everyone out of its short range for the duration. The Stealth Attack doesn’t do all that much damage, although it does strike any member of the group despite threat. However, the Tank should be able to get aggro back quickly once he reappears.

Grand Moff Kilran
Kilran is basically a Line of Sight tutorial fight. It’s also a fight made remarkably easier if you have a ranged DPS.

Phase 1
In the first phase, Kilran will be invincible as he and his two adds attack the group. Kill the two adds quickly and start to attack Kilran. He will immediately knockback the group (although they will all turn up at a pre-determined spot regardless of where they are) and teleport down the hallway.

Phase 2
Here’s the tricky part. Kilran will appear down the hallway and begin sniping the players, who will all be slowed. Along the hallway, however, are columns that the group can hide behind. Start walking towards him. At about halfway down the hall, adds will jetpack in. They are standard adds so you should be able to burn them down pretty fast; however make sure you stay behind the columns if you can. Once you get close enough, start attacking Kilran. At about 50%, he will knock the group back again and teleport to another location.

Phase 3
At his new location, there are only two spots that the group can find cover to stay out of LoS. There is a set of boxes to the left, and a computer panel to the right. Run to these spots.

Once you get to the panel, more adds will spawn in. However, two will spawn far behind the group and will force melee attacks to fight in sight of Kilran. Hopefully you will have a ranged DPS, in which case they should gun the adds down without leaving safety. However, if you must leave cover to fight the adds, just try to burn them down ASAP, and hopefully the healer can pull you through.
After the adds are down, start advancing on Kilran and burn him down.

Hard Mode
Nothing really too different about the Hard Mode version. He just does more damage with his sniping and the adds that jetpack in will be Silver mobs instead.



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