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SWTOR:SWTOR What Ifs…MOAR Leveling Diversity

One of the few aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic that has been widely lauded by even its most stalwart of critics is its LEVELING PROCESS.

One of the few aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic that has been widely lauded by even its most stalwart of critics is its LEVELING PROCESS. The focus the game places on story and fully voiced cut scenes are seen as being the two major factors of differentiation here, what sets it apart from its competitors. And yet, for reasons I will outline below, I’ve always failed to see what all the hoopla was about.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did manage to thoroughly enjoy myself during the course of my long and arduous journey toward level cap—especially during the class quests—but more often than not, I found myself overcome with a sense of wasted potential and yearning for something more.

“That’s it! I need MOAR quest diversity or I’ll scream!”
Given that SWTOR was my very first MMO, my terms of comparison between it and other entries of the genre are limited. It is only recently that I have tried my hand at exploring the virtual worlds of other, similar properties such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. Yet, despite my having only a vague familiarity with those games I couldn’t help but notice their use of a device which (to me) is of paramount importance when it comes to making the leveling process feel more enjoyable and less of a grind: quest diversity.

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Take World of Warcraft, for example. I haven’t even gotten near maxing out my character in that game, but already I’ve shot myself from a catapult onto a ship, rode a wild mustang on my way to holler and tame a few more with a lasso, dove into the ocean to save a bunch of drowning peasants, and outwitted a group of Ogre-looking creatures by blindsiding them with the old bucket-over-the-head trick— all within the first ten levels of the game. The same dynamic applies, though to a lesser extent, to GW2.

“Wild mustang hollah back!”
This isn’t to say I think these are inherently superior games. At this juncture, the most players can expect from SWTOR as far as quest diversity goes is being able throw a grenade or two into a pipe every so often.

A grind is only ever a grind if a player is forced into an excessively repetitious pattern. Breaking these patterns by infusing quests with a more dynamic quality does wonders to counteract this. Fortunately, it looks as if BioWare intends to assuage this particular pain. Promotional videos of Makeb have afforded us a glimpse at what looks to be a cannon “micro-game” (I know this isn’t a real industry term…but it should be!) in what is most certainly a first step in the right direction.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. Developed by BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton, the game was first announced on October 21, 2008, at an invitation-only press event. The video game was released for the Microsoft Windows platform on December 20, 2011 in North America and part of Europe.

I only hope that the boys in charge are prescient enough to realize incorporating something along these lines is just as important, if not more, at the game’s starting points as it is in its later levels. Not much point appeasing the “elder-gamer” if you’re leaving new and prospective subscribers in the dust.

But, that’s an altogether separate conversation. For now, I’m interested in getting your thoughts on “micro-games”. Do you agree that SWTOR needs more of them? If so, shoot us some of your own ideas as to what these could be. Who knows, maybe one of the big-wigs is listening in and jotting notes…



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