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SWTOR:Macrobinocular Overview

Introduced alongside Seeker Droids, Macrobinoculars will give players a new way to see the Galaxy around them like never before, and uncover interesting information along the way.

Introduced alongside Seeker Droids, Macrobinoculars will give players a new way to see the Galaxy around them like never before, and uncover interesting information along the way.  For a full overview of this new item and how it's used. please hit the jump.  This overview, much like the Seeker Droid overview, is done from the Imperial perspective.  I plan to do a full guide very shortly featuring the Republic perspective as well as the Imperial one, so sit tight.  Obviously there are spoilers ahead, so you've been warned.

The location to start this quest is the same as the Seeker Droid quest.  Visit the Drill Observation Ring on Makeb, at -2453, 211.

Return to Kaas
For this mission series, the Imperial player is contacted by none other than Darth Mortis of the Dark Council. Apparently a long standing Imperial fugitive has finally resurfaced, and Mortis has tasked you with bringing him to justice. You're asked to report to Dromund Kaas, and speak with Mortis' informant, Evie Bo.

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After making several deals to spy on both the Republic and the Empire for the Hutts, The Shroud has apparently uncovered something very interesting about Dromund Kaas, and it's up to you to find out exactly what that is. The informant, Evie Bo, was once a collaborator of The Shroud's, but asked too many questions and found herself on the wrong side of a deathmark.

Evie Bo then gives you a pair of incredibly high-tech Macrobinoculars. More than simple optics, this device is capable of detecting communications frequencies, as well as analyzing various parts of the surrounding area.

Your mission is to find the various broadcast points on Dromund Kaas using the Macrobinoculars so that Evie Bo can triangulate the position of The Shroud's assets, and potentially learn where his base of power is at.

Indicated by a small curved icon on the minimap (similar to a volume icon), the broadcast points give you a general area to search with the binocs; it's your job to find out exactly where the area is. You take control of the macrobinoculars by using the item in your inventory, and then moving them around with your mouse in a first-person view. When you've located an object of interest, the targetting reticle will turn yellow; then you simply left-click and hold to zoom in on the target.

This will provide you with a bit of information about the target, and check it off of your list of things to find. Interesting to note that, apart from the main objectives, are the MCR-99 Espionage Droids, which are linked to the overall achievement. This introductory mission features one, but there is apparently at least one on each planet, and there are achievements for finding them all.

Once you've located the remaining signatures indicated on your map, you're informed that the signal seems to be coming from a southern part of Dromund Kaas; specifically, the Forgotten Temple in the Fen of the First (the heroic area for the World Boss). To gain entry into the Temple, you need to complete a simple jumping puzzle up to the entrance. The real fun begins once you're inside...

At the end of a short hall, you're greeted with a tall wall of lasers and a ray-shielded security camera; as well as a corpse that decided to try and cross through the lasers. After bringing out your Macrobinoculars, you'll notice a generator in the distance, nearly out of sight. Zooming in with the binocs reveals a weakness in the generator; after this it becomes clickable, and doing so destroys the generator, removing the lasers.

Moving forward, you're greeted by a pretty neat puzzle featuring more lasers, arranged in a maze-like pattern. In the middle of several walls of lasers sits a generator, and scanning it reveals similar information as the one previously. However, this generator is ray-shielded and cannot be targetted by your explosives. A glance at the ceiling however shows that there is a loose boulder. Clicking this drops a portion of the ceiling on the generator, causing the lasers to short out and begin cycling.

 Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. Developed by BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton, the game was first announced on October 21, 2008, at an invitation-only press event.

For this part you pretty much just pay attention to when the lasers shut off and run past them. There are a few areas that require you to use your brain; jumping on boxes to get over lasers that aren't shutting off, or hiding behind a boulder to avoid a cycling laser that's out of sync with the rest of the lasers. Fortunately, once you're through there is a Defense Grid shutoff. Destroy it, and the puzzle is done for good, allowing you to come and go as you please.

At the end of the corridor is a droid named B-NK1, and is apparently in charge of gathering information for The Shroud. After defeating him, you're free to search the surrounding area, and will come across a large holoterminal in the middle of the platform. Upon using it, you're contacted by The Shroud who is less than impressed by your actions; almost taunting you to go further than you have.

Completing the mission yields a few Basic Commendations as well as a selection of weapons specific to your companions. These feature item-level 58 mods in them, and may be handy for those who haven't geared their companions otherwise.

As I mentioned previously, please keep an eye out in the near future for a full guide on the location of all The Shroud's assets, as well as everything else related to them.  Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!


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