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Rift News: Kira and Uriel

Kira watched Uriel across the crackling fire. Flame and doubt flickered over the Bahmi’s face. Careful to stay on Kira’s side of the fire, Shiyesa Wohab turned the spitted rabbit. Smoke rose from the meat, thick with temptation.

Uriel sat staring into the bonfire. At last she looked up and said, “Do you think it’s true? That he only sent me on this mission to see if I’d join the Abyssal?”

“Are you?” asked Kira, drawing a whetstone across the edge of her dagger.

“Ask those dead cultists how tempted I was,” snapped Uriel.

“You fought the Endless Court before you tried to join them, remember?”

Uriel hugged her knees tighter and turned away from the fire.

Wohab tended the meat sheepishly, and when she took the spit from the flame, she offered it to Uriel first. “Perhaps I was wrong,” said the Eth woman. “The Abyssal tortured me, and I panicked. Given your reputation… I should not have sown dissent while we are in danger.”

“It’s alright.” Uriel waved the roast rabbit away. “Kira knows I’m not a danger.”

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“I hope so,” said Wohab, turning to offer Kira the rabbit. She was a tiny thing, still shivering from the near-drowning as her huge maple eyes peeked out from her hood. “Perhaps Uriel is on this mission because she has the Faceless Man’s trust.”

But Kira shook her head slowly. “You were closer the first time. It’s more like him to throw someone into temptation and see if they succumb. Up here alone in the mountains, a Mage hungry for power could easily betray her companions and go off to join the Abyssal.”

“That witch Mulia had been tempting me for months!” Uriel protested. “I’m not even interested in Water magic.”

Wohab’s delicate wrist trembled from holding up the spitted animal, so Kira lightened the burden by cutting off a leg with her dagger, and said, “Not that I know of.”

Uriel jumped to her feet, towering over the fire. “You really think I’m going to betray you? After everything we’ve been through?”

“Which includes you betraying me. Or did you forget?” Kira said, and dug into her meat.

“How could I? No one will let me,” Uriel said, and stomped away through the snow.

The amount of subsidence is directly related to the amount of thinning during the rifting phase calculated as the beta factor (initial crustal thickness divided by final crustal thickness), but is also affected by the degree to which the rift basin is filled at each stage, due to the greater density of sediments in contrast to water.

Behind her, Uriel could swear she still saw Shiyesa Wohab’s eyes staring fearfully at her back. Her accusation ate its way through Uriel’s guts like a worm, but she had only spoken out of fear. Even a low-level informant would know what Uriel had done. Students in Meridian knew. Her father…

Trudging from the little overhang Wohab had found, Uriel could hear Mulia the witch croaking just under the howling gale.

She saw herself, those months ago, poised before a helpless Kira.

You want your damn power? Then come kill me.

Uriel had been so close, the ritual almost complete. One Kelari’s beating heart was all that stood between Uriel and power, so much power, black and infinite like the sleep of death. She had meant it when she answered Kira’s challenge:

With pleasure.

Head bowed, Uriel shivered, remembering that deep hunger. She wished she could pretend she’d fought the corruption all along, but she would have gladly cut out Kira’s heart between beats if the Ascended had not intervened. Now she had all the mistrust of betrayal with none of the power. In her darkest moments, Uriel thought she may as well have completed the ceremony, to live among the hollow dead instead of the hateful living.

Just…not by killing Kira. That shamed her more than anything. Every time she thought about the cults, and what they offered, she whispered to herself quietly, “They always want too much.”

The Endless Court demands you kill the person dearest to you. The Elves of House Aelfwar agreed to sacrifice their beloved forest for Greenscale’s primordial jungle. She could never join the Abyssal! You have to let them drown you…

Uriel gasped as the realization hit like shards of ice, and she turned back the way she’d come. Rushing snow hid the overhang—the overhang where Shiyesa Wohab, sopping wet and gasping for air, had promised they’d be safe.



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