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Neverwinter Companion information and a bit of a Guide

Do you know what are Neverwinter Companions and what information you should get from them. Now let us talk about this, please be care about this.

Companions in neverwinter are weaker versions of character classes that follow you around and fight beside you and you should care because they are awesome ya goof!
How do I get a companion?
There are a couple different ways to get yourself a companion:
1. The most basic manner is to level to 16. At level 16 you will get a companion for free from a quest. You will get to pick from 5 basic humanoid companions - One representing each class.
2. Buy one of the founders packs. Each founders pack comes with one exclusive companion. The $60 pack comes with a dire wolf and the $200 pack comes with a black panther.
3. Buy them from the zen store. The zen store has special companions for sale from 1500-3500 zen.
4. Buy them with in game gold. There is a vendor in the Grand Emporium building in the protectors enclave that sells pets for 2 gold each. You can buy any of the 5 humanoid companions from the initial pet quest or a couple special ones such as a boar or wolf.
I have a companion, now what?
Your companion can be summoned and dismissed from the companions tab of the character sheet (C to bring it up). Keep your companion with you at all times while you play so that they will level up along with you.
Once your companion reaches the next level they can be sent for training. This is also done from the companions tab of the character sheet. While out for training your companion will not gain the experience of being next to you, but will increase in level and come back a bit stronger. While you have sent one companion out for training feel free to summon a second companion while you continue to play! It won't interrupt the training of the first and is a great way to level two companions at a time.
Anything special about companions?
They will never talk back or complain about how many times you get them killed. And they do love to stand in stuff so their deaths will be quite frequent. Don't worry though! There is no penalty to the companion for them dying and they will pop back up at the end of a fight or you can take a few seconds during the fight to get them back on their feet.
Companions get their own special rune slots and can wear some kinds of regular player gear. Each companion has 3 rune slots that will unlock as they level. You can put runes in here that will just add to each companions basic stats. Also, each companion has 3 equipment slots. These can be anything from rings to belts to other items and will also add to a companions stats. It doesn't matter what level the gear is that you put into these slots. If the gear is too high then it will be scaled down to the companions level. Each companion has their own equipment slots and no two are the same. Clerics might have ring, implement, belt while boars will have neck, belt, neck.
Their appearance advances with their level. Each companion has four skins and you unlock their second skin at level 10. Other unlock levels are still unknown, but my guess is they get skin 3 at 20 and skin 4 at 30.


New info - Companions come in different rarities just like gear. White companions can only hit level 15, green companions level 20, blue level 25 and purple level 30. (need confirmation on blue and purple as I only was able to acquire green and white companions. Soon you will be able to level up the rarity of your companion from the in game vendors located at the emporium in protectors enclave. This means if you really like your white quality cleric you can make her just as strong as the higher quality companions by purchasing her rank ups in game. The currently have no prices.
The Companion idle/active system
Each character can only have 3 active companions(unless you buy more active pet slots). Companions purchased or obtained will only appear on that character. If you have more companions than you have active slots, you may make a companion idle for free. You can then reactivate that companion should you have an active slot open up - either by buying a new one or making another companion idle. Each character starts with 6 idle companion slots.
Once you initially make a companion active that companion becomes bound to you. Here's the fun part. For a fee of astral diamonds you can make a companion unbound to you and then trade/sell that companion with other players! Want a new companion but don't to level a companion all over again? Someone might be selling one that they have already leveled! Have a companion you don't want anymore? Unbind and sell them! This could create some really interesting markets I think.

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