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Lord of the Rings Online PvP Guide
  Is there any form of PvP in Lord of the Rings online? It's for sure that there is. But it's different from what you might expect. Being the notion of elves mass killing hobbits was un-Tolkien, Turbine has created Monster Play for players to help them free the beast within.
Monster play is Player versus Monster Player. What its means is instead of hobbits and elves fighting it out among them, a system has been created that lets players take temporary control of monsters and fight the higher level regular player characters of Lord of the Rings online. Let's talk more about Player vs. Monster Player, see below: 
The Ettenmoors is a large, fully-developed region, about the same size as the Shire. Players on each side start in a "no-kill zone". You won't be thrown into the Ettenmoors, and waylaid by opponents. The objectives that either side must strive to attain are defeating the enemy in combat, completing PvE and PvP driven quests and maintaining your sides hold on several Keeps and Towers. 
But there are five monster classes to choose from when creating a Monster to patrol the Ettenmoors with, such as The Uruk Warleader, The Orc Reaver, The Uruk Blackarrow, The Warg Stalker and The Spider Weaver. 
The Uruk Warleader is the main tank of the Monster side. This hefty orc is directly intended to be the leader in groups. With powerful in combat and out of combat buffs, as well as the ability to heal and do moderate damage per second, the Warleader is sort of a jack of all trades.
The Orc Reaver is the Champion class for Monsters. It is your most essential damage doer. With the ability to debuff, interrupt skills and do some tanking, he's a crafty foe not to be taken for granted.
The Uruk Blackarrow is a ranged damage dealer with some crowd control abilities, and a sprinkling of area of effect damage dealing.
The Warg Stalker is a stealthy canine abomination of the Dark Lord's army. These pops excel at doing high burst damage. They not only can serve as a tank in some pinches but they can also interrupt opposing players' spells and skills.
The Spider Weaver are efficient at CC, DoT, some light damage dealing and some ambush attacks, which are similar to the spiders often found giving travelers trouble across Eriador.
It should be noted that you can't have alts of your monster characters. You can play one of each class though and their names are permanent upon creations. So choose wisely.
How do you play as a monster in the Ettenmoors? As a Monster player, the following basic requirements for entering the Ettenmoors you should get to know. 
One is that you can level any one of your characters to 10 or above, even travel to Bree and locate Beggar's Alley, situated the eastern side of the map, a small dirt path and very run down area. 
The other is that you can find the red and black obelisk called the "Scrying Pool" that is at the end of the alley. You should right click it and select the option "Play as a Monster" and select one of the five available classes and click the "Play" button, you're off. 
Regardless of what level you first step into its skin, your monster will start as level 50. They're the monsters that are not on par statistically or skill-wise with a level 50 player but more so like a mob that a player would be fighting at that level.
Being more monsters than players, this was done because Turbine anticipates at all times there and therefore the fighting field should be level. Though, Monsters can grow in strength through the acquisition of Infamy and Destiny Points, which are earned for the player by completing quests and waging war with the Monster Players in Ettenmoors. They can be used for special buffs and traits for your character as well as "per-session" buffs upon entering the Ettenmoors.

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