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Lord of the Rings Online News: PvMP - Audacity

Put PvMP itemization on a separate progression path from PvE itemization. After sitting down and reviewing the PvMP rewards, we came to a few conclusions. PvMP combat is a bit too fast paced. The damage changes in the last expansion were good for the game, Audacity is a new “stat” that shares a lot of functionality with ranked traits like virtues.


Put PvMP itemization on a separate progression path from PvE itemization.
Slow the pace of PvMP combat without impacting the PvE experience.
Add a seasonal mechanic to the Ettenmoors
Three Issues with PvMP

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After sitting down and reviewing the PvMP rewards, we came to a few conclusions. First of all, we have a singular itemization path that is accessible through either PvE or PvMP. In our current offerings, we had to ensure that the PvMP items did not devalue the PvE offerings. Because of this, we have both reduced their potency and increased their gating mechanisms. This leads to PvMP rewards that are either underpowered or too difficult to acquire.

Additionally, PvMP combat is a bit too fast paced. The damage changes in the last expansion were good for the game, but have made PvMP go a little too fast. Crowd Control effects are also still highly potent despite the diminishing returns system.

Lastly, PvMP lacks any kind of a seasonal mechanic to shake things up between expansions. To help with all of these issues, we will be introducing a special new trait: Audacity.

The One Solution

Audacity is a new “stat” that shares a lot of functionality with ranked traits like virtues. In addition, it has some aspects of a rating (see Seasons below.) Increasing ranks of Audacity will reduce incoming damage and crowd control durations while in the Ettenmoors. Freeps and Creeps will spend Commendations to improve their Audacity, though in different ways.

Nuts and Bolts

With Update 6, the War panel will have some cosmetic updates as well as a place for the new Audacity trait. All Creeps will gain rank 1 of Audacity automatically and all Freeps will get rank 1 when they hit level 40. Mousing over Audacity will show the current rank benefits and the benefits of the next rank, much as virtues do. The current max rank of Audacity is 7, but this will change over time (see Seasons below.) The benefits it will provide are:

Reduce incoming player damage by a multiplicative percentage.
Damage * Mitigations * Audacity = Damage Dealt
Reduces the duration of Crowd Control effects
Mod that reduces the duration (stun, fear, root, daze) by a percentage.
Audacity is applied after diminishing returns takes effect
The bonuses Audacity grants are being balanced to give out a significant amount of the full bonus at the first, automatically acquired rank. This should help make sure that new players in the Ettenmoors do not need to grind before becoming viable. Ranks past 1 will continue to noticeably increase the defense values, making the gear and ranks highly valuable.

Acquisition of Audacity ranks will work differently for Freeps and Creeps. The effects of different ranks are identical though; neither side will have more or less effective defense bonus granted.


Freeps acquire their Audacity ranks through itemization. The new PvMP armor sets will each have +1 Audacity and will exclusively cost Commendations. Later updates may include Audacity on additional item slots, but for now the basic six armour slots are the only places the stat will appear. When a new season starts, gear with higher Audacity will become available.


Creeps have no gear, so their Audacity ranks are purchased at their class trainers. The “Passive” section will sell ranks for a high amount of Commendations. Once purchased, Audacity ranks are always active, much like Battlefield Promotions.


Besides the various pacing changes Audacity brings to PvMP, it is an opportunity to create a seasonal rotation. Veteran players will be able to rank their Audacity higher and higher, while the potency of low rank Audacity will keep new players viable.

At some point in the future, likely the next expansion, we will increase the max Audacity rank. The bonuses that Audacity grants will then be re-distributed so that the new max rank provides the same defense bonuses the old max rank did. New PvMP gear with +2 Audacity will be made available for Freeps, and Creeps will be able to purchase past rank 7. Lastly, we will balance the defense values at the now lower ranks to provide enough potency to stay viable. This should make entering the Ettenmoors for new players easier, while providing ample advancement opportunities to veteran players!


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