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Lord of the Rings Online News: Mobs of LOTRO

The lands of Middle-earth teem with creatures of every ilk: good or evil, simple or arcane, wild or civilized, fair or monstrous. Thus the zones of Lord of the Rings Online are populated with countless foes and challengers for adventurers and heroes to battle or hunt. If it’ll fight, it’s called a mob.

There are too many mobs roaming the world to count—from the farms of the Shire to the hellish pits of Angmar, from the meekest shrews to a mighty balrog —but in each breed of creature there are distinctive enemies that define their type.

Some of these evil captains, fell queens, and renowned specimens serve as the targets of vital Quests to undermine the Enemy. Others simply possess rare treasures like beryl shards and mithril flakes that the members of any stout fellowship might wish to add to their collective coffers.

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To locate a specific mob, see the Lorebook. For a primer on distinctive mobs by type, read on.

Hierarchy of Peril

A mob’s category is a shorthand measure of its difficulty to defeat in combat. Target or mouseover a mob to see its category. Each category is signified by a different portrait ring:

• Swarm: Green ring. Alone, these are easy foes.
• Normal: Blue ring. One or two of these common mobs is suitable challenge for a lone hero of the right level.
• Signature: Red ring. These are uncommonly sturdy creatures—as tough as aurochs—often known by name or reputation.
• Elite: Glowing red ring bearing the Eye of Sauron. These are formidable foes—as tough as Trolls—best faced by a small or full fellowship.
• Elite Master: Spiked red ring bearing the Eye of Sauron. These are the lords of the Elites, and they can challenge even full fellowships.
• Nemesis: Spiked, molten ring bearing the flaming Eye. These legendary creatures may outmatch a lone fellowship.
• Arch-nemesis: Molten ring bearing the Eye aflame. These most grievous foes are doom to all but the worthiest Raids.

Mobs also have a conning attribute. That is, the floating name above their heads is colored to represent the basic level, and thus difficulty, of the creature vs. the player’s level.

•Purple: The mob is at least 8 levels above the player’s level.
•Red: The mob is 6-7 levels higher than the player.
•Orange: The mob is 4-5 levels higher than the player.
•Yellow: The mob is 2-3 levels above the player’s level.
•White: The mob is of equal or 1 level higher than the player.
•Dark Blue: The mob is 1-2 levels lower than the player.
•Light Blue: The mob is 3-4 levels lower than the player.
•Green: The mob is 5-6 levels lower than the player.
•Grey: The mob is 7+ levels lower than the player.

Beasts & Critters

Commonplace throughout Middle-earth, Beasts and Critters may be as earthly and mundane as boars and bears, but they come in wide variety. Critters are non-combatant animals like foxes and squirrels, but do not mistake wild country hinds and bucks for helpless deer. The Antlered King of the Misty Mountains, for certain, would be impossible to mistake for a docile buck.

Beasts come in virtually every size and rank, from the swarming shrews of Shire farmlands to the Nemesis-category mammoth called Torahammas, enslaved by the Gauredain of Forochel. Some Beasts, like lynx and aurochs, aren’t immediately aggressive, but will defend themselves against adventurers who get too close for too long. Other Beasts attack on sight, either out of simple predatory instinct or, like Wargs, in service to Shadow.

A symbol of the might of beasts and the malice of the Gauredain, the fabled War-mammoth called Torahammas is a blessedly rare sight in Forochel.

Evil Men & Evil Dwarves

The hearts of Men and Dwarves are susceptible to corruption and vice just as iron is malleable to hammer and anvil. Some are driven to evil by hate and scorn, as the Hillmen tribes were spurred to wickedness by the envoys of Angmar. Some are lured to evil by greed and envy, like the Dourhand family of Dwarves was convinced to betray their kin by the promise of wealth.

Indeed, some combination of greed and revenge seems to poison the hearts of most Evil Men and Dwarves. Thus, look for their kind where there is treasure to be found, from the ruins and roads of Bree-land to the jeweled mines of Forochel, where they can prey upon travelers or rob the earth itself. The profane priests and warlords of the Angmarim are exemplars of Evil Men, while the turncoat Dourhands represent the worst of Dwarves. Be they leaders of brigands or armies, there are high-ranking officers in nearly every wicked hierarchy.

Evil Men and Dwarves battle with many of the same weapons that heroic characters do. Fortunately, they are susceptible to virtually every kind of weapon and skill at your disposal. However, to fight these folk is to confront the vulnerability of your own kind.
Spiders & Insects

Creeping crawlers of all sizes are counted among this kind, from the swarms of biting gnats that plague the Shire swamps to the foul and infected Signature spiders of Moria’s Foundations of Stone. Giant fire-flies, midges, and thousand-legged crawlers abound in the wilds of Middle-earth, but few of them live long enough to gain the repute or toughness required for Signature or greater rank. A few hard-shelled Neeker-breekers are tough enough for the honor though, like the Signature bug called Swale-singer, found in the stinking sulphur pools of Malenhad. The grodbog-colonies of Moria also spawn specimens of rank and renown, from Hive-queens to a dangerous bug known as Darkshear.

Spiders are both more wicked and more ancient. They are the spawn of Shelob, last of the brood of Ungoliant, she who allied with Morgoth in the earliest days of the world and wove such gloom during the First Age. All spiders—from the shimmering Crystal Brood-mothers of Moria to Gwigon of the Barrow-downs—are her descendants through the vile creature Shelob. So, when the common folk of Archet discover that Iornaith, a spider-queen, has made a local farmhouse her nest and laid her eggs within, they see an ominous trace of greater evil.

Neeker-breekers may dig into the ground for a quick chance to heal or strike from cover—interrupt them before they burrow, if you are able to do so. Spiders and their ilk often strike with poisons and disease or tangle and ensnare foes with webs. Fleeing may not be an option.

The mere sight of the invading spider-queen Iornaith is enough to reveal her as something more potent and less natural than the giant spiders she breeds.

Creatures of Nature

The ancient and noble Ents are not Middle-earth’s only thinking and moving leafy creatures. Various breeds of bundled roots and branches, with legs and heads and teeth and claws, are as aggressive and territorial as wolves and bears. They’re known by many names, like Bog-lord and Snow-lurker, and found everywhere from the hateful reaches of the Red Swamp to the snowy vales of the Misty Mountains. Some are wild and vicious, while others are tame allies to friendly folk, like Longbough, the Ent of Evendim.

Even the mightiest Creatures of Nature are susceptible to corruption. The rot of Shadow has infected woodlands throughout Middle-earth, waking seemingly ordinary trees and spurring them to evil deeds. Learn to spot bloodthirsty trees, or be ready to suffer painful surprises. Some give themselves away with their restless wandering, but others lay in wait to tangle or spear hapless travelers with their roots. Even well-meaning but wakeful trees may lash out, like those of the Old Forest, to protect their lands from trespassers.

Creatures of Nature often trap their foes with coiling roots, so get within striking distance quickly or you may get stuck slashing at whipping branching and flailing vines while a vicious Blood-maple crushes your fellows.

Even hostile creatures of nature may blend into the wild and go unnoticed until they strike. The two wretched Barrow-maples pictured here even wield tainted beehives in battle.

Troll-kind and Giant-kind

Trolls and giants have little in common ancestrally, but they have some important similarities in The Lord of the Rings Online. Both types of mobs also deal blows capable of stunning or hurtling even stout Guardians. Also, mobs of both sorts are typically too large and tough to bear anything less than the Elite category.

There are exceptions. The Ice-giants of Jotunstath, in the far north-west of Forochel, are a tribe of Signature mobs. The Young Wood-troll Warriors, Lobbers, and Leaders of Tâl Bruinen and the Holly-trolls in Eregion are likewise Signature creatures, despite their heritage. Some of the most common giant-kind mobs in the game—the Earth-kin—are actually Normal-rank creatures.

Orc-kind are, in their twisted way, as diverse and varied in style and power as the Free Peoples. Goblins, Orcs, half-orcs, and Uruks come in many forms and tribes, with training and specialties as distinct as the callings of Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, and Men.

Signature goblins, like the soldiers and slave-leaders of Goblin-town, are rare outside of that stronghold. Most Signature half-orcs are found in Eregion, where they earn repute in service to the White Hand, as Arzgât the Worm-keeper does. In the fortresses of Angmar and the conquered halls of Moria, where Orcs toughen themselves fighting for station and power with their own kind, high-ranking mobs are frighteningly common. It’s from these ranks and through this in-fighting that the most formidable warriors of the Orc-kind rise, such as Commander Târsh, the Elite Master in the School at Tham Mírdain, deep in Eregion.

The Dead

Every creature counted among the Dead used to be something (or someone) else. Whether they were once living bodies or life-giving waters, they are now haunted either by evil spirits out of Angmar and Mordor or cursed to roam the earth for an oath broken to a mighty power for good.

Some of the distinctive mobs of the Dead were notable in life or in their moment of death, such as the decayed Wight-prince of the Barrow Downs or the spectral Oath-breaker, Nodmor, who haunts Amon Amrun near Fornost. Others among the Dead gain significance through their hauntings alone, such as the Gloom-waters of Agamaur or the Caustic Darkwaters of Evendim, which were mere water before they were befouled by Shadow. The Dead are also the source of utterly unique mobs like the hewn arm of a giant that roams Imlad Balchorth.

The Dead amass in despoiled grave-fields and on dishonored battlegrounds where they battle living foes with the poison and disease of their rotten bodies. They know the terror they instill in the living and use it mercilessly, so have conhuith, lhinestad, and milkthistle draughts ready if you anticipate drawn-out conflicts with the Dead.

Upon reaching Level 15, players can purchase a house in various instanced neighborhoods in the game's racial starting regions. These houses have different architectural styles depending on racial base (Man, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit) and can be decorated (similarly to The Sims) via item hooks using cosmetic (and functional) decorations obtained through questing, shops and in-game events and can be visited by all players if the owner sets it so.


First bred in the First Age in Morgoth’s realm of Angband, the early dragons were terrors of fire and smoke, as cunning as they were callous. With the defeat of Smaug the Golden, few remain in this Third Age, though there descendants abound. Taken together, they are known as Dragon-kind, and while none are so terrible as the true dragons, many are still fierce, fearsome, and fiery.

From the furred Ice-worms of the North to the searing drakes of the Trollshaws, the most notable of Dragon-kind tend to be the aged and the egg-layers. The salamander dam and sire found in the ruins of Tollobel, on Lake Evendim’s isle of Tyl Ruinen, are one example. The drake-matron high in the pass of Ram Dúath is another.

Dragon-kind are no mere Beasts. The lore of Middle-earth is filled with tales of their sort outwitting heroes. As Dragon-kind age over decades and centuries, they grow both larger and tougher. As they sire more offspring, they surround themselves with loyal defenders.

Modern Dragon-kind are canny enough to coordinate—but they are also intelligent enough to be affected by the likes of riddles and battle-cries. Use that to your advantage.

Ancient Evil

Borne in the breeding pits of Angband under the designs of the Morgoth, the first Ancient Evil creatures were mockeries of life and nature meant to bring wrack and ruin to Middle-earth. Some of those ancient terrors may yet lurk in the deepest, darkest holes in the earth. Their progeny are, alas, more easily found.

Some Ancient Evil creatures are unique foes, like Moria’s Watcher in the Water. Others are members of races descended from First Age sires, like the bat-winged merrevail who dwell still. Some Ancient Evils breathe and breed like flesh-and-blood creatures, as the faceless and horrible Nameless do in the Foundations of Stone, while others are fell spirits, such as the baleful Grims of Forochel.

Ancient Evils may fight with claws or steel or sorcery bequeathed to them in ancient days by the Enemy or given in this age by the priests and war-smiths of Angmar and Mordor. No blade, no skill, and no spell can defeat the most formidable Ancient Evils without these essential elements: courage and fellowship.

The Unseen

This special category of creature describes only those rare and awful beings transmogrified through grim and ancient sorceries: wraiths like the Nazgûl and their lessers, the Cargûl. Whether corrupted by Rings of Power, poisoned by morgul-blades, or transformed through other means, these creatures are profound threats not only to characters and fellowships but to the fate of Middle-earth itself. They are not mobs, per se, but lordly foes in vassalage to the Enemy.

Other Noteworthy Mobs

There are so many distinctive mobs lurking, hunting, prowling, and patrolling the roads and ruins of Middle-earth that you are sure to find your own favorites. Maybe the best way to appreciate the variety and excitement built into the game’s menagerie of monsters is to roam the land yourself, take a few screenshots, and share your favorites on the LOTRO forums.


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