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Lord of the Rings Online News: Forging Legendary Items

Exciting new features abound in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ release. Among them is the introduction of Legendary Items (LI), which presents a great opportunity for customizing your character by customizing one-of-a-kind Legendary Items that will be the envy of the other players.

In Forging Legendary Items, Part 1, we offered an overview of the new Item Advancement system, and how to take things found in the depths of Moria and transform them into powerful, celebrated weapons your characters can use to carve their way across the face of Middle-earth.

Forging Legendary Items, Part 1

Here, we’ll further explore how to forge these potent items, and how to best tailor them to a character’s chosen class.

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Beginning in Volume 2, Book 1, your hero is able to identify and equip Legendary Items. Once these items are bound to a character, they earn experience and gain wondrous abilities. The possible combination of powers—called Legacies and Relics—are in the order of billions. When you consider that even if two items had identical Legacies and Relics, the different ways Legend Points can be spent to upgrade the rank of the Legacies all but ensure the uniqueness of Legendary Items.

Legendary Class Items

All LI objects are tied to specific character classes. For example, a Burglar’s weapons of choice consist of maces, clubs and daggers, while a Champion would instead favor great two-handed axes and hammers. Since the weapons you use to create Legendary Items are the same as those normally available to specific classes, a Burglar would need to stick with a mace, club, or dagger . . . not a two-handed axe. In addition, each class has at least one class item that can be forged into a Legendary Item. Some of these are listed below.

•Burglar: Burglar’s Tools
•Champion: Champion’s Rune
•Captain: Captain’s Emblem
•Guardian: Guardian’s Belt
•Hunter: Bow and Crossbow
•Loremaster: Book
•Minstrel: Songbook
•Rune-keeper: Rune-satchel
•Warden: Javelin
Even though some of the character types have similar weapons available—such as great swords, clubs, and daggers—a class restriction is still assigned to all LI items. Just because a Burglar can use a club, that doesn’t mean he can use an LI club that is specific to a Minstrel.
Relics & Re-forging

Once you’ve identified and decided to keep a Legendary Item, it must be equipped (or bound) so it can start gaining experience and abilities. Immediately after being “equipped,” a Legendary Item might look something like the Burglar’s Dagger of the Second Age, detailed below.

At this point your weapon also can be assigned Relics—powerful magical components that can be acquired by having Item-masters (Relic-masters and Forge-masters) identify and deconstruct other LI objects. You can deconstruct LI weapons and class items once you finish the Moria introduction quests, Volume 2, Book 1. The three types of Relics are Settings, Gems, and Runes.

Relic bonuses provide 2 to 3 static boosts, which enhance the value and effectiveness of a weapon. These components are not considered part of your inventory, and they cannot be traded to another character or put up for auction. However, they can be destroyed. This happens when you replace them with other Relics, or when they are forged into more powerful Relic components.

There are eight levels to Relic Forging—essentially the higher the Tier, the mightier the Relic. And only the highest level characters can meet the requirements for Relic Forging at the top Tiers. Too, you can only combine Relics of the same Tier . . . say, two Tier 1 Relics, not a Tier 1 and a Tier 2. The Relics do not have to be the same “type,” just the same Tier. Further, as you combine Relics of higher Tiers, the cost to the Relic-master also increases. In other words, the more power and abilities you want your weapon to have, the deeper your character is going to have to dig into his pockets.

Once you’ve spent time gathering legendary items on your adventures you’ll likely have found some you can’t use yourself. We suggest trading these to friends or posting them on the auction hall as level 1 legendary items only produce a single relic when deconstructed. At a minimum you’ll receive three tier 1 relics from a level 2 legendary and will have a shot at reclaiming some tier 2, 3 or 4 Relics as well. Trade for some legendary items you can use and level them up a bit before breaking them down. After all there isn’t much worth in the components of an item no one ever used or heard of.

When you’ve garnered five Relics of any Tier, you can combine them to create one or more higher Relics. For example, your character can take five Tier 1 Relics and forge them into a Tier 2 Relic or perhaps even a Tier 3. What you gain from this combination does have a bit of a random factor applied, but that’s part of the fun.

What Settings, Gems, and Runes are obtained from deconstruction is based on the level you’ve advanced the item to and its rarity. You’ll discover all the possibilities when you delve in and do some deconstructing of your own. But consider this: if your Legendary Item has several “levels,” the resulting Relics obtained from the deconstruction could boost your newly-forged item into a higher Tier than you might have expected. However, if you deconstruct an LI item that is newly identified and hasn’t been around Middle-earth all that long, you’ll be lucky to get a Relic beyond Tier 1. To give you a better idea of the concept, picture a Legendary Item that has reached level 50 being deconstructed. The results, because that weapon’s been around the proverbial block for a while, would likely consist of multiple Relics of Tiers 1 through 4. When a high level Legendary Item is deconstructed it can produce dozens of Relics compared to just a few for a level 1 Legendary Item. You will also notice that deconstructing high level Legendary Items produce Heritage Runes containing a portion of the Item’s Experience that can be applied to other Legendary Items and Legendary Shards that crafters can use to create new Legendary Items.

In keeping with Tolkien's heavy use of song and music in his books, LoTRO has a rich player music sub-system akin to MIDI that has been the subject of a Harvard anthropological study.

Characters that reach level 5 can learn to play the lute and, depending on their class, other instruments. Minstrels can learn to play all of the instruments and to teach other players, of all classes, to play them. The following instruments can be played in-game:

Applying Relics

When your character has a number of Relics, you should apply them to your Legendary Items. This is done by simply dragging each one from the lists of available Settings, Gems, and Runes in the selection area to their Relic placeholders in the Legendary Items user interface. You can also select the Relic you want to slot and click the slot Relic button, or right-click on the Relic to slot it. In any case you will have to confirm your selection to ensure you don’t accidentally slot a Relic you don’t intend to.

An example of a new Legendary Item.

In the above example of a veteran LI weapon, you can see how to build Legacies and Relics into your Legendary Item–which in this case is a belt that has been re-named to Glori’s Glorious Belt. Over the course of his adventures Glori has been able to combine together a number of Relics obtained from deconstruction, drops, and quests.

For the Setting Slot he has slotted a Steel Setting of Great Might which increases his partial Parry and Block mitigation ratings. While he has access to higher tier Settings these bonuses do the most for him as a Guardian in his opinion. Part of the freedom of the system is slotting the Relics you feel assist your character the most.

As a tank the Ruby Gem of Respite helps minstrels keep his morale high with its bonus to incoming healing and his power restocked.

A recent Relic Forging attempt left him with a shiny new Tier 7 Deep Rune of the Mountains. While his Tier 6 Profound Rune of Action provides some great bonuses, he’d really like the extra morale and power the new Rune provides. If he chooses to slot the Tier 7 Rune it will destroy the Tier 6 Rune, so he’s not sure what to do. If he wants too, he can wait until his next re-forge at level 50 to un-slot all of his Relics safely before adding new ones.

In the second example, a 7th level Guardian’s Belt, you can see the progression of a Legendary Item after it has gained just a few levels of experience and has a full set of Runics applied. This magnificent belt has 47 of 48 Legend Points applied to it, raising its Legacies several ranks and considerably increasing the Guardian’s threat block rating.

As for the Relics, even though the item has a full set of Runics, the Steel Setting of Great Rage could potentially replace the Copper Setting of the Deft Hand. Of course, doing this destroys the Copper Setting so it could not be used in another Legendary Item

You can earn additional experience for your Legendary Items by going on Item Advancement Quests. These are slayer (defeat a large number of foes), lore (completing a deed related to retrieving objects), or boss (kill one or many named rare monsters or evil leaders). Successfully tackling these deeds earns additional experience toward the bound Legendary Items in your XP Pool.

An Item Advancement Experience reward could include a Title. These quest rewards allow you to add a suffix to the name of your Legendary Item—such as: the Guardian’s Belt of Iron Will or the Captain’s Axe Troll-bane. Some Titles may be useable only by a certain weapon or class items. Titles can change the damage type of a Legendary Weapon, add Slayer effects, or defensive bonuses. There is a whole range to choose from and the list will continue to grow.

By now, you should have a good understanding on how Legendary Items will make your character truly unique in Middle-earth. The task that awaits you now is to enter the darkness of Moria and become the stuff of legend.


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