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LOTRO News: Warden Developer Diary

When I was asked to make adjustments to the Warden class, I was a little taken aback. As a class, I feel the Warden is the epitome of a well-built class that allows the user to fill roles very well. Of course, like all classes, there are some flaws which can be addressed, but the mechanics of the Warden make addressing those flaws a little more difficult than with other classes. In essence, the Warden is in a good spot, not a great one, but not really needing a complete revision or reimagining.

Shortcoming I - DPS
There is no mistaking the Warden for a DPS class. They can hold their own and are an excellent solo class, but they only fill one role in group play – a tank. Their DPS rotation typically ends in using one or two skills over and over and over. It gets boring. It’s not an ideal way of playing the class because, in order to be remotely viable, you use those two skills or you look like a Warden.
To address this, we have changed the way that the spear skills (Mighty Blow and Unerring Strike) will work.
If the Warden has a current low bleed present on a target and then uses Mighty Blow, they will deal extra damage to the target and also apply a moderate bleed to the target as well. If there is a moderate bleed on the target and Unerring Strike is used, bonus damage will be applied to the target and the high bleed will be applied to the target.
While this does not provide a completely new way of dealing damage, it does even out the Warden DPS and provides them with alternative DPS methods while attempting to fill a DPS role.
Shortcoming II - Threat (Gaining, Dumping, Maintaining)
As we have continued to build LotRO we have created encounters that require players to quickly swap tanks. Without a way to drop or gain aggro quickly, the Warden is at disadvantage versus his other tank cousins. In order to fix this deficiency, we have added new skills to the Warden's gambit system.
Deflection - Deflection requires Fist-Shield-Spear and will significantly drop the Warden's threat on the current target. This skill is available at level 70.
Aggression - Aggression is a quicker way for the Warden to grab aggro from all fellowship members nearby. It takes a significant portion of aggro from fellowship members and transfers it directly to the Warden. This skill requires Fist-Shield-Spear-Fist. The more fellowship members that are around the Warden, the greater the effect of the skill becomes. This skill is available at level 72.

Never Surrender - When a Warden is defeated in group play they cannot quickly recover aggro. This single event can lead to a total failure of the fight. In an effort to address this issue, we have changed Never Surrender to do the following: The skill is now activated by the Warden and will last for 5 minutes. During that 5 minutes the Warden cannot be defeated and if their morale drops below 5% of their maximum morale they will be healed for 75% of their maximum morale and 50% of their maximum power. They will also receive a debuff that will bar the usage of their mastery skills for the next 5 minutes and significantly reduce the efficacy of the HoT effect by removing the ticks from the HoT. (This only triggers if the Warden receives the heal.) The cooldown of this skill has been reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.
Because the Warden will no longer be defeated, they will not lose aggro and should be able to continue the fight. Of course, they are drained because their efforts were channeled into survival and cannot use their masteries, but the time has been reduced and the chance to complete a battle without having a complete wipe should ease that concern somewhat.
Shortcoming III - No Stun Immunity
Another issue is the prolific use of stuns in the game that can cripple a Warden's ability to complete their gambit chains. To alleviate this we have included another new gambit they can earn at level 74: Shield Tactics.
Shield Tactics - The Warden is able to stop stun effects from affecting her for 10 seconds and increases their tactical defence for 60 seconds. This requires the Warden to build a gambit of Shield-Fist-Spear-Shield. You cannot gain the effect of the stun immunity more than once every 30 seconds. While the 10 second stun immunity is active, Wardens will not be able to re-activate Shield Tactics.

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Stances and Power
With those few shortcomings out of the way let's look at what has changed with stances and how we are addressing the concern with power that Wardens have always had.
Determination – We’ve kept the in-combat morale regeneration and added a slight increase in critical chance reduction and some in-combat power regeneration. These changes should help the stance be a little more useful, but not overpowered.

Power Issues - Wardens have long had power issues and we made pretty significant changes with Isengard by reducing the overall power costs of Warden skills by 10% across the board.
Other New Skills
There are, of course, a couple of other new skills that will drop with Isengard and we would be remiss if we did not mention them.

Improved Javelin-toss - This version of the javelin-toss is available at level 66 and adds a light DoT to the ranged skill.
Oh… right… there’s also this other new skill/mechanic called Battle Memory and Potency.
Potency and Battle Memory
First, there are three new characteristics that you can earn starting at level 66.
Improved Goad(66) - Goad now provides you with a 25% chance to grant "Potency".
Improved Deft Strike(68) - Deft Strike now provides you with a 25% chance to grant "Potency".
Improved Defensive Strike(70) - Defensive Strike now provides you with a 25% chance to grant "Potency".

The work was initially intended by Tolkien to be one volume of a two-volume set, with the other being The Silmarillion, but this idea was dismissed by his publisher. It was decided for economic reasons to publish The Lord of the Rings as three volumes over the course of a year from 21 July 1954 to October 1955, thus creating the now familiar Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But wait...what is Potency!?
Potency is a unique combat state that only the Warden can enter. It interacts with a new skill that is available at level 66 called Battle Memory I. Potency can only be triggered by the simple gambits a Warden can enact. Those gambits are identified as Goad, Deft Strike and Defensive Strike. If these are used then there is a chance the Warden will become potent, unlocking the ability to put a gambit into battle memory.
Okay...what is Battle Memory.

Battle Memory I
This new skill, gained at level 66, can only be used once the Warden gains the potency effect. Once potent, the next gambit the Warden uses is locked into battle memory and can be called upon at any point throughout combat. Gambits in battle memory do not require power to use, instead costing 1% of the Warden's maximum morale for each builder used to create the baseline gambit. (A 3-length gambit costs 3% morale and 5-length gambit costs 5%) If the Warden leaves combat for too long the gambit stored in battle memory is lost. Battle Memory’s morale cost cannot kill the Warden (although it can drive your morale quite low, so be careful!)
There is potential that there will be more of these unlocked in the future.
So how do these things all work?
When a Warden uses one of the simple gambits they can become potent. There is a strong visual cue when this happens to ensure that the Warden knows that they can store a gambit in memory. The gambit that is used when they become potent is stored in battle memory and can be used at any time by simply using the skill. This will remove the morale from the Warden and enact the skill. Once the skill is used it is cleared from the Warden’s battle memory, allowing the next moment of potency to place a new gambit into memory.
This is a new and powerful mechanic for the Warden and should provide them with a greater ability to perform their role in any group situation. It will also allow them to complete solo encounters much quicker.
Traits and Trait-lines
There are some changes to traits and trait-lines that we need to call out here. Only the traits that have changed will be mentioned.
Way of the Warden
Way of the Warden, in addition to the original bonus granted, will now also provide the Warden with all her mastery skills.
Spear Mastery
Spear Mastery now provides the Warden with a special new mastery giving her 2-spear gambit builds or the build for Deft Strike.
Shield Mastery
Shield Mastery now provides the Warden with a special new mastery giving her 2-shield gambit builds or the build for Defensive Strike.
Fist Mastery
Fist Mastery now provides the Warden with a special new mastery giving her 2-fist gambit builds or the build for Goad.
Way of the Spear
3 - set Bonus
• Increases Spear Gambit Critical Multiplier by 15%
• Iincreases the chance for potency to trigger by 25% (max 50%) when using a simple gambit.
4 - set Bonus
• Increases Spear Gambit Damage by 5%
• Increases the chance for potency to trigger by 50% (Max 100%) when using a simple gambit.
Skill and Power
The trait no longer increases the damage of the default gambit by 30%, instead the trait does the following: Each successful spear gambit used reduces the active cooldown of shield-piercer by 3 seconds.
Way of the Shield
3 - set Bonus
• Increases the Evade Rating of the Warden
• Increases the chance for potency to trigger by 25% (max 50%) when using a simple gambit.
4 - set Bonus
• Adds 10% to Heal over Time Skills Healing
• Increases the chance for potency to trigger by 50% (Max 100%) when using a simple gambit.
Wary Blocks
Defensive Strike and Dance of War duration increased by 10 seconds.
Efficient Shieldwork
Reduces the cost of shield gambits and shield masteries by 5%.
Way of the Fist

3 - set Bonus
• Adds 1 Pulse to Fist Gambit Damage Over Time Pulses
• Adds 1 Pulse to Fist Gambit Heal Over Time pulses
• Increases the chance for potency to trigger by 25% (max 50%) when using a simple gambit.
4 - set Bonus
• Adds 5% to Gambit Damage Over Time Damage
• Increases the chance for potency to trigger by 50% (Max 100%) when using a simple gambit.
Deadly Insult
• Decreases the Resistance Chance for Warden's Taunt
• Increases the DoT damage of Warden's Taunt
• Adds 1 Pulse to Fist Gambit Damage over Time Pulses
• Adds 1 Pulse to Fist Gambit Heal Over Time Pulses
In closing, I want to mention that I would like, in the future, to make a more concerted effort to change the Way of the Fist significantly. As it stands, the Warden is in very good shape and the changes that we are making with Isengard are going to augment an already solid class even further. With the addition of potency and Battle Memory we are providing a clear glimpse of where this class could go in the future. We look forward to seeing you all in Isengard.


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