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LOTRO News: Soldiers on Landscape

Life can get kind of lonely out on the range. Sometimes you’re out beating back Wargs to kill time until your Kinmates show up. Maybe you’re out and about trying to get that last Broken Hatchet to make a complete stack. If any event, if you need a partner to join you during your fight, you might wish to call your Skirmish Soldier!

With Update 6, you’ll be able to purchase or barter for Landscape Soldier Tokens. These tokens allow you to summon your Skirmish Soldier in landscape areas of the game, giving you an edge against the enemy. Each token grants you an hour of your soldier’s time outside of skirmishes.

Now for a little FAQ…

Q: How do I get Landscape Soldier Tokens?
A: You can either barter for them at your local skirmish camp (look for the “Currency Exchange” vendor) or buy them on the LOTRO Store.

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Q: Where can Landscape Soldier Tokens be used?
A: Basically, they can be used in most non-instanced locations in Middle Earth. There are a few major hubs where you may not be able to summon your soldier. This is for the good of everyone trying to conduct business in those hubs in a reasonable manner.

Q: What’s up with that UI sitting there? I don’t want it to show up.
A: There’s a little button on the corner of the soldier portrait that will hide the UI.

Q: Where’d my soldier UI go? I want it back.
A: Right click your own portrait. The drop down menu has an option to return the soldier UI to view.

Q: So… I used a Landscape Soldier Token and spent some time out in the wilderness. Now I need to go back to town, but my soldier timer is still ticking. That really stinks. What can I do about this?
A: You can dismiss your soldier while you are out on landscape whenever you like. Your remaining soldier time will not decrease while the soldier is dismissed. When you get back out to the dangerous wilderness you can re-summon your soldier and continue to use your remaining time. Summon and dismiss to your heart’s content.

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Q: I was running around killing stuff and my soldier disappeared. What gives?
A: You either ran out of soldier time or you entered an area barred to skirmish soldiers. We do need to reserve the right to bar skirmish soldiers from certain areas of the world. That said, if your soldier is auto-dismissed your bank of time will stop going down. You should get a chat message when your soldier is auto-dismissed. Your solder will be auto-dismissed whenever you teleport, fast-travel or otherwise zip to a far off location.

Q: I can’t use any skirmish items on my soldier when I’m not in a skirmish. For that matter, I’m not gaining benefits from my soldier’s “personal” traits. Why is that?
A: For balance purposes we’re holding off on allowing these items outside of skirmishes. Adding a sidekick is pretty powerful stuff as is.

Q: I wish I could tell my soldier exactly what to do all the time… kinda like Lore-master pets. Why can’t I do that?
A: We want to preserve the gameplay of our pet classes. You skirmish soldier is there to give you options in filling out your abilities. Summoning one outside of skirmishes will certainly do that. Giving them a bunch of command controls would start taking things a little too far and encroach on the territory of some pretty great classes.

Q: Wait just a minute! I used to summon my Skirmish Soldier free of any store or barter charges during skirmishes! Does this mean I need tokens to summon my soldier in skirmishes now?
A: Nope. Your soldier functions the same as it did previous to the update when inside a skirmish.



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