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Guild Wars 2 Thief Skills for Thief Class

A complete overview of the skills available for the Thief class in Guild Wars 2. Learn what makes this class unique and whether or not the Thief profession is right for your personal playing style.

Be a Better Thief: Learn the Guild Wars 2 Thief Skills

A thief is one of the professions included in the Guild Wars 2, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). A thief makes use of the shadow to get to his enemies. Thieves also have access to different types Guild Wars 2 thief skills, making them one of the most avoided and deadly opponents in the video game.

Shadow stepping is one of the unique skills of thieves. It allows them to get closer to their opponent faster. This skill also enables thieves to appear and disappear in a certain location without being detected.

Stealth is a skill that can only be achieved by a thief. This allows thieves to be invisible and not targeted by enemy players. Stealth also enables thieves to avoid the threat posed by non-player characters (NPCs). Examples of the thieves’ stealth skills are their abilities to make a surprise shot using a short bow, deadly strike using a spear and sneak attack using a pistol.

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Another excellent skill of the thief profession is traps. A thief can make different types of traps including needle and shadow traps as well as ambush and tripwire. These traps can affect opponents in various ways. For instance, a needle trap can poison and immobilize opponents while a tripwire can knock down the opponents once triggered.

The GW2 thief profession also has a venom skill. This skill allows thieves to make different types of venoms for different purposes. The venoms can be used on the area of effects and trap hits. Most of these venoms are instantly activated. Examples of the venoms used by thieves are spider venom, ice drake venom and devourer venom. Meanwhile, a thief also has some healing skills such as signet of malice, withdraw and hide in shadows.

The race and profession of the player will determine the skills they can access. Guild Wars 2, like Guild Wars, uses a skill-based combat system, whereby players must select only 10 skills from a much larger pool, introducing an element of strategy. However, unlike Guild Wars, skill slots have predefined roles: the first five are determined by player's weapon and profession, the sixth is for healing, the seventh through ninth will be skills with no defined roles that are unlocked as the game progresses, and the tenth slot will be for an "elite" skill, which is also initially locked. In a departure from the high number of skills present in Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 will focus on quality of skills over quantity and will also reduce the overall number of game modes to reduce balancing complexity — one of the most common issues present in MMORPGs.

A thief can use a short bow as his two-handed weapon and a pistol, a sword and a dagger as his main hand weapons. On the other hand, a dagger and a pistol can be used by the thief profession as its off-hand weapon. The aquatic weapons of a thief are a spear and harpoon gun.

The short bow can be used by a thief to make a disabling and trick shot. It can also be used for firing or detonating cluster bomb and make crippling shot to the opponents. A sword as a main hand weapon can be used to slash, cripple, and blind opponents. With the help of an offhand dagger, a thief can also stab his opponents using the sword.

The dual-wield skill is another type of Guild Wars 2 thief skills that is exclusive to the thief position. It is determined by the offhand and main hand weapons. A thief can make an evasive attack on his opponent using both offhand and main hand daggers. Each strike of these weapons causes bleeding to the opponent. Combined usage of a main hand sword and an offhand pistol enables a thief to stun opponents and slash them repeatedly. A thief can also stab his opponents and shadowstep away before shooting them using an offhand dagger and a main hand pistol.



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