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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Engineer Profession

The guild wars 2 engineer has access to four trait lines, which are inventions, turrets, explosives, and gadgets, and trait lines for each of the weapons they can use. The inventions trait line focuses on general buffs to the character, such as buffs of vitality, power, precision, and toughness. The explosive trait lines will increase the damage of explosives and give the chance for them to apply certain conditions to enemies. The engineer is the most complicated progression in guild wars 2 next to guild wars 2 mesmer guide.

The gadget trait line will increase the damages from gadgets, and can allow reduced recharge times on some of them. The turret trait line will increase the damage of turrets and even buff the health of turrets.Since the engineer has access to weapon and armor kits, there aren’t many weapons they can use. The two-handed weapon they can use is the rifle, and the main hand weapon they can use is the pistol. The off-hands are pistols and shields.The engineer has access to many different skill types. The first we’ll take a look at are weapon kits. These kits fill up utility slots, and when they are used guild wars 2 gold , equip a new weapon for the engineer. This means that the first five skills of the engineer will change accordingly. The two weapon kits the engineer has are the flamethrower and the elixir gun.

The flamethrower gives the engineer a short-range AOE weapon, and has abilities such as sucking guild wars 2 flamethrowerin those close to the flamethrower’s short but deadly range. The elixir gun mostly has ground targeted skills that have random effects. The only non-ground targeted skill on the gun, called the elixir dart, damages and gives an enemy a random condition.The elixir bomb heals allies in a targeted area, and removes a random number of conditions. If you guys haven’t realized yet, elixirs will always have a random effect which can be checked from guild wars 2 class. The second skill type we’ll take a look at are backpack kits. Like the weapon kits, these fill up a utility slot, and then when activated gw2 gold , will change the currently equipped weapon and its skills.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Traits Guide

There are a total of five backpack kits the GW 2 engineer can use, including the toolkit, grenade kit, bomb kit, mine kit, and mend kit. A bomb kit for example, will allow guild wars 2 engineer to deploy bombs with certain effects, such as smoke, concussion and fire. Their grenade kit will allow them to throw grenades that cause bleeding, blindness, and even poison enemies.The last skill type for the engineers are turrets. ArenaNet could have been boring and said, here’s an auto-attacking turret that hurts a lot. Instead, they made five different types including the rifle turret gw2 gold fast delivery , the thumper turret, the net turret, the flame turret, and the healing turret. When an engineer deploys a turret, the skill slot turns into another skill, called its overcharged version.

For example, a thumper turret’s overcharged version will knock down nearby enemies. Turrets are immobile, and the engineer can interact with them to move them to another location. Doing so will apply short recharge time to that turret. Deploying a healing turret will heal the engineer immediately, then apply regeneration to nearby allies. Apart from guild wars 2 guardian leveling guide, the engineer is another profession that have aoe regeneration skills.A thumper turret will do AOE damage to nearby foes, and the rifle turret is your standard single target attacking turret. As you guys can see, the engineer is very unique. The tool belt gives them buy cheap gw2 gold access to a bit more abilities than most professions. Their weapon and backpack kits will make them one of the most versatile professions, and having a turret by your side doesn’t hurt either.

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