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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide

Elementalists are the benders of nature’s forces. They are the ones who melt away your health as they pound away at their foes with sheer power. By controlling the elements of fire, air, earth, water and arcane they work to control the fields of war.


For those who had played in Guild Wars, you know that elementalists are the benders of nature’s forces. They are the ones who melt away your health as they pound away at their foes with sheer power. By controlling the elements of fire, air, earth, water and arcane they work to control the fields of war. Of course they do not always have to be full out damage dealing monsters, elementalists can vary in combat style since each element is meant for different rolls.

Elementalists make up one of the three scholar professions in Guild wars 2. Being that they are very powerful, their defense consists of only light armor to keep them from being over powered. Of course just like mentioned above, they aren’t restricted to only one aspect of battle. They have an attunement system that allows them to access other elements to play other parts. Unlike other classes, elementalists are unable to switch weapon sets during battle to add diversity, so to make up for that they are capable of flipping between the four accessible elements hot-keyed to the F1, F2, F3 and F4 keys. Each of course has its own purpose.

Because of the  comlexity, and because their is simply so much in GW2 to cover about all classes, i like to use a convenient GW2 guide. In my opinion, i use the GW2 Domination guide, because it contains the best information about the GW2 classes. It includes awesome builds, catering to each playstyle (An awesome Plus). Not to mention it also includes crafting, PvP builds, Leveling Guides, and a whole bunch more stuff.

Fire- Pure Damage (No holding back)

When you think of fire, it is destructive. It incinerates anything and anyone that stands in its path with no regret. It is sheer power to destroy all players that stand in your way. It shines brightest when in group fights where your skills hit more targets dealing incredible amount of damage to others. If you do not finish someone with your skill alone, don’t worry, the Elementalist happens to have the ability of burn that slowly whittles down their health. However do not rely solely on this to finish others because it does not last forever and only takes out a small portion of health being that it is meant to finish off, not serve as a main source of damage.

Air- Bursting with great amounts

Unlike fire, air is meant for bursting in a different manner. As you know, Guild Wars 2 allows for healing on every character to make it that no single person or group depends heavily on a support. When it comes to this element, you will send out large bursts of damage over longer periods of time to demolish health without hope of healing. Besides the large spikes, the air skills give the player the swiftness boon accompanied with other effects that are meant for crowd control.

Water- Flowing power to Support

Most of these elements can be understood by their natural roles. Water is a flowing source and is calming, brings serenity and is the source of all life. Because of this, water controlled is meant to be supportive. It does not serve as a direct method of support such as healers or tanks but it does have its small effects that help the outcome of battle through its effects. Some skills such as Geyser will heal allies while other skills such as Cleansing Wave will heal and remove conditions.

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Earth- Strong Defense that holds us up

Since we have sheer damage, bursting damage and supportive play styles the only thing left is defense. While Guild Wars 2 does not have what we would call a born tank character, the element earth allows Elementalists to take that role upon their selves.   These skills are meant to protect nearby allies both during combat as well as fleeing from a lost battle.

Normally classes in Guild Wars 2 want to focus in to build a single thing such as thieves building heavy stealth combined with bursting damage. This class varies greatly being that it is much more fluid and allows for more diversity. However, for an Elementalist to be successful he/she MUST switch between the different elements to be truly useful. They cannot focus just on one element because of many reasons. One may run in with fire to crush the defensive line, however if they push back you must hold meaning a switch to earth is required. If a player has just managed to jump out of battle with little health but is still needed, an elemental switch to water heals you up to continue. For you to be able to perform to your maximum potential, switches must be frequently made.

Now that you understand the aspects that make an Elementalist what they are, we will now delve into what else in held in their arsenal. Elementalists can use the following combinations:
-Two Handed Staff
-Duel Wield Daggers
-Scepter + Dagger

With these, the Elementalist becomes a jack of all trades in the sense that they can be in every part of battle. Below you can find the trait lines that add on to your methods of battle.

Fire Magic


+10 Power per point spent

+1% Expertise per point spent

Improves – fire element, grants might, burning


Earth Magic


+10 Toughness per point spent

+10 Malice per point spent

Improves – earth element, toughness, signets, protection


Air Magic

+10 Precision per point spent

+1% Prowess

Improves – air element, critical hit, swiftness

Water Magic

+10 Vitality per point spent

+10 Compassion per point spent

Improves – water element, regeneration, condition removal


+1 Concentration per point spent

+2 Intelligence per point spent

Improves – all elements, AoE attacks, attunements

Of course there is also the traits line that each character has a total of 5 of. Each again of course is meant to boost your ability to play as a certain roll when in battle. I will also list those below:


Adept   Flame Barrier             You have a 20% chance to cause burning whenever a foe attacks you in melee. Only triggers when attuned to fire.

Guild Wars 2 uses a heavily modified version of the proprietary game engine developed for Guild Wars by ArenaNet. The modifications to the engine include real-time 3D environments,enhanced graphics and animations and the use of the Havok physics system. The developers say the engine now does justice to the game's critically acclaimed concept art, and that concept art will be integrated into the way the story is told to the player.

Master            Sunspot            Inflict damage at your location when you attune to fire.

Grandmaster   Burning Rage Deal 5% more damage to burning foes.

Adept  Lava Tomb       Create a Lava Font when downed (can trigger every 30 seconds.)

Adept   Burning Fire    Cleansing Flame [sic], Signet of Fire, Conjure Flame [sic], and Conjure Fiery Greatsword inflict 3 seconds of burning.

Adept   Ember’s Might            Deal 5% extra damage to burning foes.

Adept   Spell Slinger    Cantrips grant you 3 stacks of might when used.

Adept   Burning Precision        30% chance to cause burning on a critical hit.

Adept   Internal Fire    Deal 10% more damage while attuned to fire.

Master            Pyromancer’s Alacrity            All your fire weapon skills recharge 20% faster.

Master            Conjurer          Conjured weapons have 10 more charges.

Master            Fire’s Embrace            When you activate a signet, you gain a fire shield for 3 seconds.

Master            One with Fire Flame Barrier’s chance to burn foes goes up the longer you are attuned to fire.

Grandmaster   Persisting Flames        Fire fields last 30% longer.

Grandmaster   Pyromancer’s Puissance         Each fire spell you cast adds might for 5 seconds.



Adept   Zephyr’s Speed            Move 10% faster while attuned to air.

Master            Electric Discharge       Strike your target with a bolt of lightning when attuning to air.

Grandmaster   Weak Spot       60% chance to cause vulnerability on critical hits.

Adept   Zephyr’s Boon             Auras grant fury and swiftness when applied.

Adept   Zephyr’s Focus            Your endurance regenerates 100% faster while channeling skills.

Adept   Quick Glyphs   Glyphs recharge 20% faster.

Adept   One with Air    You move 5% faster every 10 seconds you are attuned to air. Maximum of 25% bonus movement speed.

Adept   Soothing Winds           5% of your precision is converted to healing.

Adept   Bolt to the Heart         Deal 20% more damage to foes with less than 25% health.

Master            Arcane Lightning         Gain 3% more critical-hit damage for 10 seconds when you use an arcane skill.

Master            Inscription       Grants a boon associated with your current attunement when you cast a glyph.

Master            Aeromancer’s Alacrity            All your air weapon skills recharge 20% faster.

Master            Air Training     Deal 10% more damage while attuned to air.

Grandmaster   Tempest Defense        Surround yourself with a Shocking Aura when disabled (fear, stun, daze, knockback, knockdown, launch, float, sink.) This effect can only trigger once every 90 seconds.

Grandmaster   Grounded        Deal 20% more damage to knocked down and stunned foes.


Adept   Stone Flesh      Gain 1 toughness per level while attuned to earth.

Master            Earthen Blast Damage foes and cripple them for 3 seconds when attuning to earth.

Grandmaster   Enduring Damage       Deal 10% more damage when your endurance is full.

Adept   Obsidian Focus            Gain toughness while using a channeled skill.

Adept   Signet Mastery            Signets recharge 20% faster.

Adept   Earth’s Embrace         Gain Armor of Earth when health reaches 50% (90-second cooldown).

Adept   Salt Stone        Deal 5% more damage to bleeding foes.

Adept   Elemental Shielding    Gain protection for 3 seconds when applying an aura to yourself or an ally.

Adept   Stone Splinters            Deal 5% more damage when you are within melee range of your target.

Master            Strength of Stone        Deal 10% more damage while attuned to earth.

Master            Serrated Stones           Bleeds you apply last 20% longer.

Master            Geomancer’s Freedom           You recover from crippled, immobilized, and chilled 33% faster.

Master            Geomancer’s Alacrity             All your earth weapon skills recharge 20% faster.

Grandmaster   Rock Solid        Grant stability (2s) to nearby allies when attuning to earth.

Grandmaster   Written in Stone          Maintain the passive effects of signets when you activate them.



Adept   Soothing Mist Regenerate health while attuned to water.

Master            Healing Ripple            Heal nearby allies when attuning to water.

Grandmaster   Bountiful Power          Deal 2% more damage for each boon on you.

Adept   Aquamancer’s Alacrity           All your water weapon skills recharge 20% faster.

Adept   Shard of Ice     Arcane and signet skills cause vulnerability when activated.

Adept   Soothing Disruption    Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor.

Adept   Piercing Shards           While attuned to water, your spells deal 20% more damage to vulnerable foes.

Adept   Cleansing Wave          Remove a condition from you and your allies when attuning to water.

Adept   Vital Striking   Deal extra damage when health is above 90%.

Master            Stop Drop and Roll      Dodge rolling removes burning and chilled. (Cooldown: 10 seconds)

Master            Icy Mist           Deal damage and inflict chill and vulnerability to nearby foes while in mist or vapor form.

Master            Cantrip Mastery          Cantrips recharge 20% faster.

Master            Soothing Wave            Mist Form, Frost Bow, and Signet of Water grant 6 seconds of regeneration.

Grandmaster   Cleansing Water         Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally.

Grandmaster   Powerful Aura             Auras are applied to nearby allies.



Adept   Arcane Fury     Grant yourself fury for 2 seconds on attunement.

Master            Lingering Elements     Attunement bonuses linger for 5 seconds.

Grandmaster   Trait elementalist.png Arcane Precision        Skills have chance to apply a condition on critical hits.

Adept   Arcane Mastery          Arcane skills recharge 20% faster.

Adept   Arcane Resurrection   When you revive an ally, you and the revived ally gain an aura based on your attunement.

Adept   Arcane Retribution     Gain Arcane Power at 75% health.

Adept   Final Shielding             Create an Arcane Shield when health reaches 25%.

Adept   Elemental Attunement           When attuning to an element, you and all nearby allies gain:

Fire: might

Water: regeneration

Air: swiftness

Earth: protection

Adept   Renewing Stamina      You have a 33% chance to gain vigor on critical hits.

Master            Vigorous Scepter         Endurance recharges faster while wielding a scepter.

Master            Blasting Staff   Area attacks with staff are larger.

Master            Windborne Dagger     Move 15% faster when wielding a dagger.

Master            Arcane Energy            Arcane and signet skills restore 25% endurance when used.

Grandmaster   Evasive Arcana            Create an attunement-based spell at the end of your dodge. Each spell can be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Fire: Flame Burst.

Water: Cleansing Wave.

Air: Blinding Flash.

Earth: Churning Earth.

Grandmaster   Elemental Surge         Based on attunement, arcane skills cause:

Fire: burning for 5 seconds

Water: chilled for 3 seconds

Air: blindness for 5 seconds

Earth: immobilized for 1 second


A final thing that some would be very interested in is the Conjured weapons that Elementalists can control. These are weapons that players summon to give themselves or others a powerful tool for fighting. To make it simpler, they serve almost like kits that dropped for anyone’s use. Just like in Fps games where people will drop guns, elementalists do the same with these. Each of course can be used at any time; however they may serve even better in particular situations.

Flame Axe (Lava Axe)


Lave Axe – Throws an axe at your opponent.

Explosive Lava Axe – Ground targeted AoE.

Burning Retreat – Same as on the staff, evade backward putting down a fire wall.

Ring of Fire – Same as on the dagger, damage and burn nearby foes.

Flame Leap – Leap at your foe and apply 15 seconds of burning.

Earth Shield (Magnetic Shield)


Shield Smack – Melee hit.

Crippling Shield – Throws your shield in a line in front of you, crippling enemies.

Magnetic Surge – Run at an enemy and daze them.

Magnetic Shield – Pull nearby enemies to you.

Fortify – Become invulnerable for three seconds.

Frost Bow (Ice Bow)


Water Arrow – Shoots an arrow that heals nearby allies on hit.

Frost Volley – Shoot multiple arrows applying vulnerability.

Frost Fan – Shoots arrows in a frontal arc applying chill.

Ice Storm – A regular AoE attack.

Deep Freeze – Locks the enemy in a block of ice.

Lightning Hammer (Lightning Hammer)


Lightning Swing, Static Swing, and Thunderclap – Deals damage, the third attack blinds.

Lightning Leap – Jump at an enemy.

Wind Blast – Knocks an enemy back.

Lightning Storm – AoE around you.

Static Field – Static Field that isn’t ground targetable.

Fiery Greatsword (Fiery Greatsword)


Flame Wave – Shoot fireballs from range.

Fiery Eruption – Applies burning to nearby foes.

Fiery Whirl – You swing the sword around dealing damage while charging forward.

Fiery Rush – Charge an enemy and put a firewall down.

Firestorm – AoE ability.

The Elementalist is a multipurpose character that can be found everywhere. Remember to utilize their diversity in roles and never stick to one method of fighting. Diversify yourself and be unpredictable to be the best. Good luck and thanks for reading!



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