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Guild Wars 2 Elementalis Power Leveling Guide
As we had analyzed the other three Guild Wars 2 professions - Necromancer, Ranger and Warrior, the last one profession of Guild Wars 2- Elementalist. The specialties of Guild Wars 2 elementalis is channeling natural forces of destruction, making fire, air, earth, and water do her bidding. What the elementalist lacks in physical toughness, she makes up for in her ability to inflict massive damage in a single attack, dropping foes from a distance before they can become a threat. But despite her incredible offensive potential, versatility is what makes the elementalist truly formidable.
Guild Wars 2 elementalist is a real multi-faceted profession, rather than swap weapons to adjust to new situations she is better at quickly adapting to new threats by attuning to different elements as needed. When the elementalist attunes to any of the four elements, she receives intrinsic bonuses that continually empower her during the Guild Wars 2 power leveling. Elementalist can make the threats around her become her powerful arms then let’s show you some examples in follows:
FIRE- With fire attunement, the GW2 elementalist can inflict scorching damage on multiple enemies by turning the ground to fire or raining down molten rock from the skies. Some one may curious that why just kill one enemy when you can burn them all? Just by attuning to fire, the elementalist automatically causes flame damage to any foe foolish enough to touch her in combat of GW2 leveling. You see how a smartGuild Wars 2 profession it is!
AIR- When the GW2 elementalist attunes to air, she can harness wind and lightning to target specific foes with focused, high-damage attacks when she farms Guild Wars 2 gold. Dazzling bolts of lightning rip from the elementalist's fingertips, and brilliant flashes of light blind her enemies. When an elementalist attunes to air, nearby enemies are continuously pelted with lightning strikes.
WATER- water attunement forgoes the raw damage of air and fire, in favor of controlling an opponent's movement. Especially by creating slippery ice or freezing foes solid, water attunement ensures that the battle is always fought on the elementalist's terms in Guild Wars 2 power leveling. Nearby allies receive continuous healing from an elementalist who is attuned to water. EARTH- In the most dangerous situations, the elementalist relies on the powerful defense of earth attunement so as to keep herself safe in the combats. An earth elementalist uses the ground under her feet to defend herself and her allies, turning flesh to stone, destabilizing foes with seismic shocks, and destroying threats with volcanic eruptions. Earth attunement automatically confers magical protection to the GW2 elementalist.
After having the general idea of the features about GW2 elementalist, let’s have a deep analyze of its skills and mechanic features. 
Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Skill Guide 
This page is dedicated to show Guild Wars 2 elementalist leveling guide for all the elementalists. In this article we basically talk about the GW2 skills and special skill types of elementalist profession. Next let’s have a view of the basic GW2 skills as follows:
Fire Attunement: Fireball, Flamestrike, Lava Font, Phoenix, Meteor Shower, Flame Wave, Burning Retreat, Wall of Fire, Dragon's Tooth, Flame Prison, Fire Blast, Dragon's Breath, Flame Touch, Burning Speed
Water Attunement: Water Blast, Ice Shards, Water Trident, Ice Spike, Healing Rain, Vaporblade, Shatterstone, Frozen Ground, Freezing Gust, Ice Storm, Frozen Burst, Icy Breath, Geyser Air Attunement: Static Field ... 
Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Mechanics Features
If you are play a role as a elementalist in your Guild Wars 2 power leveling, you must know well of the elemental attunements it. As a Guild Wars 2 elementalist, it seems that all the GW2 weapons of hers are related to GW2 attunements. This is what the mechanic features of Guild Wars 2 elementalist.
Firstly let’s have a review of attunements. There are totally four elemental attunements that GW2 elementalist can tap into. These attunements are represented by four skills that are located on the bar above their normal skills. When an elementalist switches attunements, the first five skills on their bar will change automatically.... 
Focus on more GW2 professions: 
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