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If you come here for Wow gold buy, is the right place to provide you the Cheapest gold in World of Warcraft. We have built long term relationship with a lot of gold farmers, which give Mmopowerlevels the largest feasibility of gold in stock. That's one of the reason why mmopowerlevels has the ability to deliver gold instantly always! On the other hands, it keeps our price of the products to be the competitive in the market. Our first aim is to make you enjoy the best service with the lowest price. Besides, fast delivery is another feature of our service, have a try!


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Have a professional team to power level your character at the lowest price online! You have the possibility to get your desired level in a short amount of time. We provide safe and fast WoW Power Leveling service works for each server and every class, from level 1 to level 85. You are able to trace the leveling report daily and get the detail information about the process. Free gold collected as well. During level50-60, you will get 50g per level; during level60-70, you will get 100g per level; during level70-85, you will get 200g per level. 100% by hand cheap power leveling service guaranteed! Mmopowerlevels promise that all loots belongs to you!

Best Weapons For DC Universe Online PVP

DC Universe Online PVP means player vs player mode. TO win DC Universe Online PVP, players needs best weapons, powers and defense and Offense. Today’s DC Universe online powerleveling guide will go to the best weapons you need to get for the pvp.

The player is more important then the weapon, used right any weapon can excel. I can tell you what people " think " is best weapon, but pretty much every weapon has its ups and downs. I'll tell you some of popular choices and my experiences fighting them.

Hand Blasts: a popular choice by new players because it fits alot of builds. hand blasts is NOT a solo or small scale pvp friendly set its VERY punishable, by most sets because over half of its major strikes are interuptable, which we know from above=hard stun. This may also be helpful on getting moreDCUO gold.I have a support(healer) character does use hand blasts but i am fairly weak 1 vs 1... i find hand blasts is better support weapon then it is for small scale pvp and 1 vs 1.

Staff: a popular weapon because its main chain is a series of stuns, most people like it because can do main chain and stun people for a long while. It has about 7 hits in main chain can stun you, however this combo is blockable(a fact many over look), in addition to that it has a very fast block breaker can " spam " by holding till see bar and releasing its probably most popular pvp weapon for those 2 facts.Buy DC Universe online gold is necessary for you. However a good player will roll avoid the block breaker spam and interupt you, and block your melee strikes...not to say its bad weapon but i haven't found it to be half as good as people think it is.

Two Handed: since you mentioned it i'll make a note of it. The two hander is a good pvp weapon for its damage and fairly dangerous when mixed with a power can stun(like say gadgets). It is VERY slow on the swing and fairly easy to block the blows, its block breaker is also pretty spamable but it leaves you with out a weapon for duration of the attack. Like WoW two hander has good burst, but once you realize its main form of attack is to " lunge " in and keep slamming you, most two handed users are easily punished by a well timed block. Keep pay attention to theDC Universe online power leveling guides on if you want to level up real fast and get hands on some expert strategies and keep you one step ahead of the competition.
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