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Our Commitments

100% Hand PowerLeveling

All Level Up work is 100% hand made by our veteran players with no bots involved.

Account safe guarantee

Mmopowerlevels guarantee during the leveling processing we will not do anything to injure your account. Your account can be 100% safe.

24/7 Customer support

Mmopowerlevels offer 24*7 no break livehelp service. You can contact us to solve your problem through livechat, phone calls and emails.

The most competitive price

Mmopowerlevels provide the most competitive price of leveling service among all hand leveling websites.

Money Refund Guarantee

In case of we do not fulfill orders on time or you no longer wants the order,a refund will be granted.

Risk-free Guarantee

Mmopowerlevels take full responsibility for your character in game so you can enjoy a risk-free leveling from us.

PvP Honor Points Farming

We farm honor points for you 24/7 in Arathi Basin, Warsong Gultch, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Lake Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients, and Isle of Conquest, so you can gain access to amazing new PvP equipment and weapons.

For some reason which we haven't been able to figure out yet, the PvP honor system rewards us for time spent playing instead of for skill. So you could be the best PvPer out there with inferior gear because you actually have a job or school to go to while someone who is a "noob" could be decked out in Epic quality PvP gear just because he plays all day. Well, we don't think that is very fair, so we are offering this service to have your character queued up for all Battlegrounds 24/7, rackin' up honor points, so that you can finally focus on other, "more important" things in life.


Looking to Buy WOW Honor PointsWOW Honor PowerlevelingWOW Honor FarmingHonor Power leveling 、WOW Honor Marks (Eye of the Storm、Warsong Gulch、Arathi Basin、Alterac Valley) 、PVP Arena Points Power Leveling ? Mmopowerlevels strives to offer the fastest and most reliable service

100% manually wow power leveling service without any bots involved is provided on Mmopowerlevels. We promise our wow powerleveling is extremely secure. If you choose other sites which use bots instead with less money, your account may be suspended easily during the process. Blizzard will take every possible measure to punish those who use bots to do the leveling up service. So it is wise of you to choose the safest manually powerleveling service on Mmopowerlevels.

Current Level : Desired Level : Area:
Price $ : Time Days:
WOW Honor Points PowerLeveling

How can i give you more honor points?


When we got 4000 Honor Points,we can help you buy equipment(you need tell me full equipment name) or we will contact you ,you need login game and spend some honor points,then we continue power leveling honor until finished.
Name Price Days Area

PVP Full 730 lvl Gears Package (Honor Gear)

1. Item level 730 (PVP)
2. Improve Garrison to lvl 2
3. Garrison Resources 500
4. Flight paths uncovered 90%
100% manual leveling with account guarantee

$129.99 3
Item Set Level 710 (740 PVP) Package (Conquest Gear)
1. Level 710 Set (740 PVP)
2. Character lv100 required
3. 100% Manual Power Leveling
$299.99 5-6

PVP Full 715 lvl Gears For New Season

1. Item level 715(PVP)
2. Improve Garrison to lvl 2
3. Garrison Resources 500
4. Flight paths uncovered 90%
100% manual leveling with account guarantee

$69.99 2

2000 Honor Points (Gift 200 Honor Points)

$9.99 0.5

3000 Honor Points (Gift 300 Honor Points)

$15.99 0.5

4000 Honor Points (Gift 400 Honor Points)

$19.99 0.5

5000 Honor Points (Gift 500 Honor Points)

$25.99 1

8000 Honor Points (Gift 800 Honor Points)

$39.99 2

1,0000 Honor Points (Gift 1000 Honor Points)

$49.99 2

1,5000 Honor Points (Gift 2000 Honor Points)

$74.99 2.5

2,0000 Honor Points (Gift 4000 Honor Points)

$95.99 3

3,0000 Honor Points (Gift 6000 Honor Points)

$129.99 4
Buy PvP Honor Points Rules

We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold.
We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. 2 real people, taking 10 hour shifts, will be playing your account 20 hours a day.
We will NOT respond to incoming tells by fellow players to maintain the confidentiality of your character.
To prevent your character from not being able to gain honor points during our longer PvP honor farming services, please email the name of a PvP item that you want us to buy if your honor is close to the capped amount of 4,000 honor points. If you do not email us, there will be a delay in your service since we will email you requesting you to login and use up the 4,000 honor points so we can continue farming honor points. Blizzard has stated that there is a maximum amount of honor which one can save up, which is currently 4,000 honor points.
After completion of the PvP Honor Farming service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for it.

We provide plenty of wow honor points leveling services on Mmpowerlevels for players, who can gain the honor points by killing monsters and assisting their friends to fight with enemies through battlegrounds. In the game when you are in a team you can get special rewards by killing others and gaining honor points, which can be divided equally among the members. If you are tired of murdering and getting honor points, we will help you by offering the honor points leveling service with 100% security and high efficiency.

About our service

1 Keep the reasonable price in 100% handwork service.
4 During power leveling time, all value drops belong to your characters. (Gold and items)
5 We send progress with your character screen shot to your email per 24 hours.
6 If your friends chat with us in game, we will ignore it or tell them: "I am a little busy now, sorry."
7 If you are in a guild, we won't leave it, just choose what you like.
8 we can start your order in 15 mins. Then send an email to inform you we started.
9 If you find us bots leveling up, we will give you 10000$ for compensation. 
10 If manual leveling up, unfortunately, account be banned, give you full money refund and give you 10-30% discount for leveling a new char!


Cheap wow power leveling  is on hot sale! is the best place for wow player on us and eu server to buy world of warcraft leveling service.

Notice: Possible account termination whe? using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold

Why Choose Mmopowerlevels

100% manually leveled up with no bots

Start time : 10-15 minutes after payment

All power leveled by veteran players

Personal privacy kept strictly confidential

Daily power leveling report through emails

Our Features

.com has been Tested and Certified by McAfee Secure. McAfee Secure helps keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. Mmopowerlevels guarantee 100% secure cheap & fast game currency , powerleveling,item transaction service.
Dear friend,please don't give your goods to anyone after you receive it.Because fraudulent activities are taking place frequently and increasingly in game now.We never and won't ask you to give the goods back after trading! To protect your order security, please don't give your private information to anyone in game either!Be careful!
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